TX Supreme Court To Hear Dallas Police & Firefighter Pension Case

Firefighter Pension

Feldman & Feldman is currently representing Dallas firefighters and law enforcement officers in a lawsuit regarding cuts to Dallas police and firefighters’ pension program. We have fiercely advocated for these heroes in court proceedings for many years, and now the Texas Supreme Court will hear their case.

In 2014, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System amended its combined pension plan to reduce the interest rate on Deferred Retirement Option Plan (“DROP”) balances from the previously promised 8 – 10% per year to a possible low of 0%.

DROP is a service retirement benefit offered to police and firefighters, allowing them to place their pension payments into a DROP account and accrue interest on those amounts while continuing to work as first responders and into their eventual retirement. This benefit was offered to incentivize experienced police officers and firefighters to continue working after reaching retirement eligibility. For police and firefighters, the change in the DROP interest rate represents a reduction in the benefits they were promised when choosing to continue to work even after they were eligible for retirement.

Our trial lawyers argue that this reduction in benefits amounts to a violation of the Texas Constitution. In 2003, amendments were made to the Texas Constitution that protected first responders’ retirement benefits from reduction or impairment.

Feldman & Feldman strongly believes our police and firefighters deserve the benefits they were promised when they signed up. We continue to fight the pension system, as we allege they had no right to reduce benefits already granted. We will be fiercely advocating for Dallas first responders in front of the Texas Supreme Court to uphold their rights under the Texas Constitution.

The experienced trial lawyers of Feldman & Feldman have also proudly represented other first responders, including representing Houston firefighters to earn equal pay.

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