Why Sexual Assault Victims Should File A Civil Lawsuit

sexual assault victims

There are few things in life as violating as a sexual assault. Victims not only suffer physical injuries, but also suffer from extreme mental turmoil. Emotions and memories from the event can haunt victims for the rest of their lives and affect every relationship they have or try to establish. While nothing can take away the physical and emotional pain from the assault, victims can pursue compensation in a civil lawsuit, allowing them to take back control of their lives.

Criminal Charges Against Offenders

The criminal justice system prosecutes individuals who commit sexual assaults. This helps take dangerous criminals off the streets and prevents criminals from engaging in additional illegal activity. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is not designed to compensate victims for their injuries. Even after their attacker has been put in jail, victims still need help.

Filing A Civil Lawsuit

For victims of sexual assault, facing their attackers in criminal court is extremely challenging. Many victims don’t pursue charges against their attackers because of the pain of reliving the harrowing event in front of a judge and jury. While standing up to an attacker in court is difficult, doing so can do more than obtain justice. When sexual assault victims file a civil lawsuit, they can receive compensation that can relieve financial burdens so victims can focus on recovering. Compensation can also help cover the cost of mental health treatment and therapy so victims can work through their emotions.

There May Be More Than One Party At Fault

There are some instances when more than one person may be at fault for an attack. Obviously an attacker is responsible for his or her actions, which is why they face criminal prosecution; however, there are instances in which another person’s negligence can contribute to the situation. For instance, if a company fails to perform a background check on a newly hired employee with a criminal record, and this employee goes on to sexually assault another employee, the company can be found responsible because they should have known about the criminal record. Additionally, certain properties, such as apartment complexes and parking garages, have a responsibility to visitors and tenants to provide adequate security that protects them from harm. When they fail to do so, victims can hold them accountable.

Helping Sexual Assault Victims

Feldman & Feldman has extensive experience helping sexual assault victims. We fight for victims to obtain compensation that can help them put their lives back together. If you are a victim of sexual assault, contact us immediately. We can explain your legal options. You can trust our fierce advocacy to represent your best interests, so you can focus on recovery.