Practice Areas

Fee Structures

Depending on the specifics of your situation, one or several of the following fee arrangements may be possible. To learn more about how we can help or our fee arrangements, please contact us today.


In an hourly scenario we perform legal services and keep our time. We then send you a bill for the preceding month based upon the amount of time spent working on your case.


We charge a fixed periodic fee (usually monthly) under either a global retainer covering all your legal work or a specific retainer covering identified aspects of the work. Unlike other firms, we are happy to include litigation in the retainer.


Under a contingency agreement, we will only be paid if we are successful. In these scenarios, we receive a percentage of any settlement or verdict we achieve and would only be paid in cases where we successfully recover for you.

Flat Fee

We charge a fixed fee for the matter in question, which is payable regardless of the outcome. This may be attractive in cases where there is a high likelihood that they will “go all the way” (i.e. to trial). It provides complete certainty as to cost.