Houston Oil & Gas Attorneys

Houston Oil and Gas Attorneys

The state of Texas is known for being a major producer of oil and related products. The specific laws and regulations governing the oil and gas industry can be complex, and when disputes arise, an experienced Houston commercial litigation attorney is necessary.

The trial lawyers of Feldman & Feldman have helped both oil companies and property owners reach fair agreements when it comes to the extraction of oil and other minerals and the resulting royalties paid. All parties have rights in disputes over drilling, land ownership, environmental cleanup, and more. Our lawyers will ensure your rights as a property owner or business owner are protected.

Why Landowners Need a Houston Oil and Gas Lawyer

As a landowner whose property contains oil, you have certain legal rights. Before entering into an agreement with an oil company, you need an experienced oil and gas lawyer on your side to ensure the terms are fair.

Are you involved in an oil agreement that you’re not sure is fair or being legally carried out? One of our energy attorneys can evaluate your current agreement and determine whether or not it is lawful. You have the right to be paid the royalties you are due, and a Houston oil and gas lawyer can help you get your rightful portion of the profits.

Types of Legal Matters Related to Oil and Gas

There are many different types of legal issues arising in the oil and gas industry, such as:

  • Royalty disputes
  • Water rights
  • EPA and environmental cleanup liability
  • Mineral rights
  • Drainage issues
  • Seismic surveys
  • Lease agreements
  • Pooled agreements
  • Surface agreements
  • Indemnification and insurance

With so many considerations before, during, and after drilling takes place, an experienced business attorney should be involved every step of the way.

Why Oil and Gas Companies Need Business Lawyers

Oil and gas companies have certain legal obligations to the landowners they enter into agreements with, as well as to the state of Texas and the environment. To get the most out of oil agreements and avoid unnecessary litigation, oil companies should work closely with an experienced business lawyer well-versed in the energy industry.

An oil company involved in a lease with a landowner has the responsibility to:

  • Avoid draining a property of oil with a nearby oil well.
  • Pay royalties according to the terms of the lease.
  • Not pool land with other land containing no valuable materials (oil, gas, minerals, etc.).
  • Protect royalty interest against loss.

Failure to do any or all of the above may result in disputes with landowners and unwanted litigation. Laws are put in place to protect both oil companies and landowners involved in oil and gas lease agreements.

Protect Your Rights With the Help of the Houston Oil and Gas Lawyers of Feldman & Feldman

Whether you’re a landowner or an oil company, it helps to have an experienced commercial litigation attorney on your side. The civil trial lawyers of Feldman & Feldman have experience working on both sides of oil and gas agreements and disputes. We represent landowners, helping them get the royalties they deserve and ensuring they only enter into fair agreements. We also help oil companies avoid unwanted and costly litigation. Contact Feldman & Feldman today to schedule a consultation.