A law firm is defined by the passion shown for the client’s pursuit of justice, the zeal of the advocacy, and the willingness to challenge even the most powerful opponents.

That is Feldman & Feldman.

Partner David Feldman is the former Houston City Attorney, with decades of experience representing government entities and private sector employers, skilled at public law and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts.

Partner Cris Feldman is a fighter who has battled corruption, injustice, and fraud at the highest levels. Cris learned his way around the courtroom by studying the art of trial work under the wing of Rusty Hardin.

What We Do

Feldman & Feldman has a long established record in complex litigation, commercial disputes, real estate transactions, personal injury, employment matters, and fraud with expertise in investigation, transactions and public law.

Our Team

Feldman & Feldman. Battle tested. Trial Ready. Dedicated to fighting on behalf of our clients no matter who our adversary is. Dave and Cris Feldman have put together a legal team with only one mission - Fight for our clients as we would for our own family.