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Actions taken to engage in the political process are heavily regulated and closely scrutinized.

Texas especially, with its large number of local and state elections, its prominent role in many federal decisions, and its ties to almost all large industries, is a place with extensive political activity. With many highly specific rules, having an experienced Houston political lawyer on hand is essential for every political organization.

When people and/or organizations are politically involved, the law views their activities closely. For example, a campaign, whether to hold a specific office or to advance an issue, can quickly become derailed if there is even a hint that the proper laws are not being followed. Campaign finance especially is one area with strict and complex rules surrounding donation disclosures and amounts, as well as ethical guidelines on how those funds can be used. There are also extensive guidelines around working with outside groups like Political Action Committees (PACs) and communication and advocacy guidelines for campaigns.

A Houston Political Lawyer Can Help With Elections

Elections, one of the hallmarks of democracy, are also closely watched and highly regulated to make sure everyone’s vote is being counted. Everything from getting initiatives on the ballot to voter registration to election day procedures have extremely stringent rules and requirements. Making sure elections are happening fairly and in the correct fashion is important, and legal actions with an election & campaign attorney in Houston should be considered if there is any impropriety.

Besides the actual work around elections, there are many organizations that directly work to influence government action and lobby for public support of initiatives. Depending on the type of organization, such as a business, nonprofit, or political action committee (PAC), there are very specific rules for each governing what can and cannot be done by the organization, as well as rules concerning how the organization must be structured (especially with regard to tax status) if it wants to engage in certain political endeavors. For any organization, there are very strict laws around disclosure that must be followed. An experienced Houston election campaign attorney can help prepare all disclosure documentation and address any investigations brought against the organization.

Similarly, once in office, politicians and governmental entities have exacting laws to follow regarding what help and funds they can accept, how they select contractors, and how to engage with lobbyists, among many others. An experienced Houston political attorney can help individuals and organizations set internal policies, navigate the rules, and give ethics advice to these people and agencies. If a lawsuit or investigation is brought forth, a political law attorney in Houston can help manage the entire process.

How Feldman & Feldman Can Help

Feldman & Feldman’s election campaign attorneys in Houston are equipped to advise and defend politically active citizens and organizations. We routinely aid organizations in complying with the laws regarding political activity.

Our lawyers are available to advise corporations, non-profit organizations, candidates, and public officials with regard to issues surrounding the conduct of elections, including ballot security, election recounts and contests, recall efforts, voter registration matters, candidate qualifications, and the nominating process, among other issues. If any of these issues give rise to a lawsuit, Feldman & Feldman has extensive experience handling election related litigation.

We are also keenly aware of the close scrutiny on political activities, and that this means there is near constant talk of changing specific rules. It can be difficult to know what is just speculation and wishful thinking, and what will eventually become law. Our political lawyers closely monitor all proposed changes and help our clients proactively make adjustments to stay in compliance with new laws and regulations.

The Texas Public Information Act gives citizens the right to access government records. The Texas Open Meeting Act requires meetings of governmental bodies to be open to the public, except for expressly authorized closed sessions. It can be hard to make sure everything is done correctly in order to comply with these and other regulations. Our experienced Houston political attorneys can review your procedures to help you avoid future litigation.

Hands on Experience

One of our founding partners, Houston political attorney Cris Feldman, has been providing these types of services throughout his successful legal career. He first completed a postgraduate fellowship focusing on special interest money and corruption in the Texas political system at the University of Texas. Following this fellowship, Cris decoded and successfully proved how former Speaker of the House Tom Delay used illegal money. The Houston Chronicle called Cris a “crusading, young, clean-government lawyer.”

Since his initial work uncovering corruption in the Texas political system, Cris has spent over ten years resolving political law issues. He leads a dedicated legal team of experienced attorneys providing exemplary services to his clients. Contact the Houston political attorneys of Feldman & Feldman for a consultation to learn how we can help you with your political law issues. We offer strategic fee arrangements that allow our clients easy access to high quality representation. Our team is excited to work with you to devise the best plan for your needs.