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Public Law

Actions taken to engage in the political process are heavily regulated and closely scrutinized. With numerous and highly specific rules regarding all actions taken, experienced counsel is a requirement of every corporation or political organization’s team.

Feldman & Feldman’s attorneys are equipped to advise and defend politically active citizens and organizations in complying with the numerous laws and regulations regarding political activity. Cris Feldman, particularly, has been performing these services throughout his legal career.

Our attorneys are available to advise corporations, non-profit organizations, candidates and public officials with issues surrounding the conduct of elections, including ballot security, election recounts and contests, recall efforts, voter registration matters, candidate qualification and nominating process. Feldman & Feldman is also experienced at defending and assisting in election related litigation.

Our attorneys are also equipped to provide counsel on the rules regarding conflicts of interest and government decision making processes. The Texas Public Information Act gives citizens the right to access government records in an effort to make our government more transparent. The Texas Open Meeting Act requires meetings of governmental bodies to be open to the public, except for expressly authorized closed sessions, and to be preceded by public notice of the time, place, and subject matter of the meeting. The Firm is highly experienced to handle all such issues.

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