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Public Law

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Actions taken to engage in the political process are heavily regulated and closely scrutinized. With numerous, highly specific rules, experienced counsel is a mainstay of every political organization’s team.

Feldman & Feldman’s attorneys are equipped to advise and defend politically active citizens and organizations in complying with the numerous laws and regulations regarding political activity. Cris Feldman, particularly, has been performing these services throughout the length of his successful legal career.

How Feldman & Feldman Can Help

The public law attorneys at Feldman & Feldman are available to advise corporations, non-profit organizations, candidates, and public officials with regard to issues surrounding the conduct of elections, including ballot security, election recounts and contests, recall efforts, voter registration matters, candidate qualifications, and the nominating process, among other issues. Feldman & Feldman also has extensive experience handling election related litigation.

Our attorneys are available to readily advise counsel on the rules regarding conflicts of interest and the government decision making processes. The Texas Public Information Act gives citizens the right to access government records in an effort to make our government more transparent. The Texas Open Meeting Act requires meetings of governmental bodies to be open to the public, except for expressly authorized closed sessions. These public meetings must be preceded by public notice of the time, place, and subject matter of the meeting. Complying with these and other regulations can be very difficult, if not impossible, without the help of an experienced public law attorney.

Hands On Experience

One of our founding partners, Cris Feldman, completed a postgraduate fellowship focusing on special interest money and corruption in the Texas political system at the University of Texas. Following this fellowship, Cris decoded and successfully proved how former Speaker of the House Tom Delay used illegal money. The Houston Chronicle would later call Cris a “crusading, young, clean-government lawyer.”

Since his initial work uncovering corruption in the Texas political system, Cris has spent over ten years resolving public law issues. He leads a dedicated legal team of experienced attorneys providing top notch legal services. Contact the public law attorneys Feldman & Feldman for a consultation to learn how we can help you with your public law issues.