About Us

Each client at Feldman & Feldman is part of our extended family.  We approach the practice of law with a personable and creative style.  Every case is unique, and requires a full understanding of each subtlety.  In that context we focus on assertive and zealous legal representation of our clients without the overhead associated with large impersonal law firms.

The law firm Schulman Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLP, (“SLHA”) and principals Bob Schulman, Rick Lopez, Joe Hoffer and Jason Adelstein, serve as Of Counsel to Feldman & Feldman, PC, providing expanded services and support to F&F’s clients. SLHA offers comprehensive legal counsel to Texas school districts, charter schools and local government throughout Texas and Louisiana with offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and New Orleans.

Our Philosophy

Every member of our firm is an important part of our team and brings to the table a unique and valued viewpoint. We take each case as a distinct story impacting the lives of our clients. We step into the shoes of each client and walk in their steps in pursuit of the best possible outcome.


Our Team

Brandi Ware

Legal Assistant to Cris Feldman and Christin Grant

Valerie Baker

Legal Assistant to Ben Allen and Casey Wallace

Kim Buettner

Business & Administration Manager