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Personal Injury and Bad Faith Insurance Claims

There are various kinds of personal injury claims, including premises liability, products liability, ordinary negligence such as in vehicular accidents, and wrongful death actions.

These cases can involve substantial damages arising from past and future medical expenses, loss of employment or earning capacity, pain and suffering, and loss of life, and frequently require legal action. Conversely, a business or individual can face a lawsuit, often unmeritorious or frivolous, pursued by someone claiming them to be the responsible party for their injury. Regardless of the position you are in, you will need an experienced trial attorney, which Feldman & Feldman can provide.

Insurance is part of life — from home owner’s insurance, to renter’s insurance, car insurance, medical insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance, and all forms of business coverage – being properly insured is essential. Insurance is supposed to provide protection and security. Unfortunately, insurance companies may create obstacles in an attempt to prevent paying claims, including delaying payments past statutory deadlines, refusing to pay for contractors they had previously approved, requiring the insured to resubmit paperwork multiple times, and denying claims for frivolous reasons. Feldman & Feldman has the expertise necessary to pursue claims against insurance companies of any kind.

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