We'll defend you when you've been a vicitim of fraud


Common law fraud occurs when, in the course of entering into a business transaction, a party holds out that it has done or can do certain things that it cannot.  This can be done intentionally or through reckless representations, and is also referred to as “fraudulent misrepresentation” or “fraudulent inducement.”

Real estate fraud can involve a variety of schemes and manifest itself in different forms. Typically, it involves some form of artifice in connection with the acquisition or use of property, where fraud is perpetrated on the purchaser, or later, on the owner.

Additionally, if a business intentionally falsifies its records with the intent to deceive clients and/or partners, it may be liable for commercial fraud. Indicia of commercial fraud includes improper billing practices, unfair trade practices, misleading documents, falsified records, and coercive or deceitful business tactics. Fraud can also be in the form of embezzlement, which arises when an individual entrusted with another person’s money takes it and uses it for his own gain.

No matter what type of fraud you’ve been a victim of, attorneys at Feldman & Feldman are equipped to investigate and assess your options, and engage in litigation, as appropriate.

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