Business transactions and employment contracts

Commercial Litigation

Business transactions are typically executed using some kind of contract or agreement.

This can take many forms, (including a binding letter of intent, a formally executed contract or agreement, or a signed memorandum), that is intended to set forth the rights and obligations of the parties and can have serious consequences. Employment contracts, for example, lay out the terms and conditions of employment and may have provisions such as a non-compete clause that has effect even after the employment relationship has ended.

Frequently a party does not fulfill its obligations under an agreement, breaching the contract. When this occurs, the party harmed needs to consider all options, including litigation. Feldman & Feldman successfully prosecutes and defends all types of litigation, and Cris Feldman, in particular, has significant expertise in commercial litigation. The Firm has experience in counseling clients and litigating a wide range of commercial disputes, including those involving real estate interests, the acquisition of goods and services, partnership termination or dissolution, insurance and employment contracts.

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