Attorney Spotlight: Cris Feldman

Cris Feldman founded Feldman & Feldman with his father, David Feldman, focused on the idea that the public needs to be protected from corruption, injustice, and fraud at the highest levels. Cris helps individuals and business owners protect their rights from those who would infringe upon them. Cris has proudly represented a wide variety of clients, including assault victims, whistleblowers, and oyster fishermen, among others. All of Cris’s clients have come to know him for his dedication and passion to their cause.

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Houston Woman Announces Lawsuit Against Liberty County Constable

Just over two years ago, Joyce Smith was almost arrested for doing her job. Smith says she was forced over her desk, and then nearly handcuffed and arrested at Harris County Writ Towing and Storage in north Houston, because she wouldn’t release an impounded car to Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable Timothy Allison. A car Allison believed was unlawfully towed.

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Rusty Hardin Trial Win Named Texas’ Top 2010 Business Law Verdict

Trial partners, Cris Feldman and Rusty Hardin, win Texas’ largest verdict in 2010. A $2.8 million breach of contract verdict won by attorneys from Houston’s Rusty Hardin & Associates, P.C., against Stewart Title Guaranty Co. has been named as Texas’ top business law verdict of 2010.

Download Rusty Hardin Trial Win Named Texas’ Top 2010 Business Law Verdict (PDF)

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The Perils of Loser Pays

Originally Published in Texas Lawyer

For a run-of-the-mill car accident case, Andrade v. Ankur contains an important lesson about one of the many controversial tort-reform provisions the Texas Legislature put into place a year ago with House Bill 4. And, for a change, the case shows how the reforms that were supposed to curb frivolous suits had a negative effect on a defendant.

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