Litigation Appeals Are About To Change

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Anyone facing litigation should prepare for big impending changes. While we don’t often think of elections as forces for change in our court systems and legal processes, the reality is that the significant election of new Democratic judges in Harris County and other Texas counties this year is going to change litigation appeals.

Unlike other states, Texas elects its judges. Voters decide whom they want presiding over their courtrooms, and this has huge implications. This past election, there were twenty Democratic judges elected to seats on the state courts of appeals in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. According to legal experts, this “blue wave” is going to change business litigation across the state.

While we think of judges as impartial and thus by virtue apolitical, each individual judge has his or her own interpretation of the law. Democratic judges share similar views in the interpretation of the law, including issues related to when to enforce arbitration clauses, when a case should be dismissed before trial, and how much deference to give trial judges and juries when reviewing large-dollar plaintiff’s verdicts.

The Republican judges that previously controlled many of the Texas appellate courts were largely pro-business and pro-arbitration. This made it more difficult for plaintiffs to pursue effective resolution to a legal issue both in and out of court. Additionally, Republican judges tend to oppose large jury verdicts. But all of that is about to change.

Plaintiffs pursuing employment litigation, products liability, or medical malpractice lawsuits will no longer face the same legal hurdles. This will help victims of negligence and unfair business practices obtain the justice they deserve. The impacts of the Texas appellate court bench changes will not occur overnight. But regardless, moving forward pursuing litigation will require an experienced trial and appellate lawyer familiar with every complicated facet of the law and the legal leanings of appeals judges.

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