Settlement For Neighborhood In White Oak Music Hall Lawsuit

Houston is notorious for its lack of zoning laws and while makes our neighborhoods unique, homeowners in the Houston Heights have been suffering from the lack of rules. The White Oak Music Hall, a popular music venue, is disturbing homeowners up to half a mile away who say the venue’s loud noises rattle their windows and awaken their sleeping children. Feldman & Feldman filed a lawsuit against the venue in 2016 to help homeowners get some peace, and now Cris Feldman has successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of these homeowners.

White Oak Outdoor Shows Cause Problems

In April 2016, the White Oak Music Hall began holding outdoor shows and performances, causing its residential neighbors to begin filing noise complaints. Residents made noise complaints with the Houston Police Department, but the disputes stalled in municipal courts and nothing was ever done to stop the noise.

Cris Feldman of Feldman & Feldman stepped in and filed a lawsuit against the venue in December 2016. The lawsuit also named the City of Houston as a defendant after the city failed to respond to numerous resident complaints. In early 2017, Feldman & Feldman successfully obtained an injunction restricting the number of outdoor shows the venue could hold. In addition, the venue had to install sound monitors and submit weekly reports of sound readings.

Successful White Oak Music Hall Settlement For Greater Heights Homeowners

The Greater Heights homeowners’ settlement with White Oak Music Hall includes limitations on when and how long shows can be held at the venue. The music venue is limited on the number of outdoor shows it can hold and shows on school nights can’t last past 9:30 p.m. The venue is also prohibited from holding any outdoor concerts during state STAAR testing.

In addition to these limitations, the venue must also set up a sound monitoring system showing real-time sound levels. To ensure there is no tampering with the sound monitoring device, the venue must also set up a camera to record activity around the monitor. If White Oak Music Hall violates any of these conditions, the venue can be fined up to $15,000 per violation.

Feldman & Feldman: Representing Houstonians

Cris Feldman and the entire legal team at Feldman & Feldman are proud to represent residents of their local Houston community. While we have high hopes the White Oak Music Hall settlement will bring peace to the neighborhood, we will also work to ensure White Oak Music Hall complies with terms of the settlement.