5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

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Whether buying a new home or investing in a commercial real estate project, hiring a real estate attorney is essential for ensuring every detail of your purchase is protected. Residential sellers and buyers often feel uncomfortable or unsure of how to proceed with selling their home or buying a new home, while commercial real estate transactions can be very large and expensive and may require more than just a real estate agent to negotiate. The guidance of a real estate lawyer can help make the process smooth and understandable. Do not hesitate to contact a Houston real estate attorney before, during, or after your real estate transaction process.

Here are the top five reasons to hire a real estate attorney in Houston:

  1. Real estate attorneys are highly focused in their work.

Real estate attorneys are educated and experienced in all legal aspects of real estate transactions and are able to focus their efforts directly on your needs. Hiring a real estate attorney at the beginning of a transaction allows for guidance and advice that can get a seller or buyer the best transaction outcome possible. Commercial real estate lawyers focus on working with businesses looking to buy, sell, lease, and develop property. Residential real estate lawyers help prepare and manage documents including mortgages, titles, and closing documents that are associated with buying a home.

  1. Real estate attorneys look out for YOUR best interests.

When choosing a real estate attorney in Houston, do not leave that decision up to a real estate agent. They earn commission on your purchase and many will want to make the sale as quickly as possible. Unlike real estate agents, real estate attorneys do not work on commissions. Your attorney has no interest in pushing a property transaction that may not be in your best interest. Real estate attorneys will work with you to make sure the property is represented accurately and if any discrepancies arise during the process, that you are not taken advantage of.

  1. Commercial real estate attorneys are prepared to negotiate on your behalf.

When buying a commercial property, there are many details to consider that are not always clear and up front. Commercial property investments are complicated, expensive, and involve a great deal of risk. Commercial real estate attorneys will advise you on any environmental reports or concerns, zoning restrictions, liens, easements, structural conditions, legal description accuracy, and any rents derived from the desired property. Negotiations may be required if the property transaction has become complicated. Hiring the right real estate attorney to handle this transaction and negotiate on your behalf is critical to avoiding mistakes and can make the process stress-free.

  1. Real estate attorneys can guide you through the overly complicated real estate process.

While purchasing a home may not seem overly complicated, many home buyers find that the legal language, documentation, and negotiations between real estate agents can be overwhelming, and they may not understand the process they are going through. A Houston real estate attorney can help home buyers understand the terms of the purchase they are considering and make sure they are not missing vital details.

  1. Real estate attorneys can draft and review real estate documents to ensure accuracy.

Real estate transactions require a variety of legal documents that are detailed, complicated, and often incomprehensible if the individual buying or selling the property is not familiar with legal and real estate terminology. Any contracts that are required can be drafted and reviewed by your real estate attorney to make sure they are legally sound and will protect your best interests, including buy-sell agreements, commercial sales contracts, lease contracts, and more. It is imperative that a business acquiring property makes sure the titles and deeds are clear of liens or defects before the sale is finalized. If you have chosen to sell a home by yourself without the help of a real estate agent, you will need a real estate attorney to draft legal documents for the sale. An attorney’s assistance is absolutely necessary in these situations to make sure the terms of sale are fair and legal.

There are many more reasons why you need a Houston real estate attorney, including securing financing, eminent domain, buying a foreclosed property, resolving litigation, zoning, and land use issues. When securing funding for a real estate transaction, a real estate attorney can represent you as well as help you understand the terms of the financing agreement. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side is the best way to avoid legal conflicts when purchasing property. We recommend that all individuals and companies looking to buy or sell property seek the representation of an experienced Houston real estate attorney.

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