Houston Intellectual Property Attorneys

Houston Intellectual Property Attorneys

Intellectual property (IP) refers to original ideas or creative works that belong to the person who created them. As the creator, you have the right to protect your intellectual property and prevent it from being stolen or used against your will. This applies to works of art like music compositions as well as business logos and slogans.

How do you protect your intellectual property? With the help of the Houston business litigation attorneys of Feldman & Feldman, you can establish protective measures for your creative works and ensure your rights are upheld.

Types of Intellectual Property Rights

  • A patent protects an invention from being created, sold, or used by another party without the permission of the inventor. Patents are divided into three categories:
    1. Utility (creation of a product, process, composition of matter, or machine)
    2. Design (the ornamental design of a product)
    3. Plant (new kinds of plants)
  • A trademark protects logos and designs that represent a certain product or brand. No company can use another company’s trademark design or slogan consumers recognize.
  • A copyright protects creative works, such as works of art, music, architectural designs, written works, and even software codes.
  • Trade Secret. Trade secrets are specific pieces of information that are only known within a business itself by certain members of the business. Trade secrets are often crucial to the success and competitiveness of a business in its field.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

The best way to protect your intellectual property is to register it with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer can help you register your work with the right type of protection, whether under copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret laws. Registering your intellectual property makes it much easier to file a lawsuit if there is ever an incidence of theft or misappropriation.

What to Do if Your Intellectual Property is Stolen

The first step should be to contact a Houston business attorney. Your attorney will listen to the facts of your situation and determine whether or not intellectual property theft has occurred. If so, the next step is to send a cease and desist letter to request that the person or company stop using your work. Your attorney will draft this letter to ensure it contains all the necessary information. Often an official letter from an attorney is all that is required to stop intellectual property theft. If the person or company does not cease and desist according to the stipulations of the letter, you can then pursue a lawsuit. Through a lawsuit you may receive financial compensation and put a stop to the illegal use of your work.

Protect Your IP with the Houston Business Litigation Attorneys of Feldman & Feldman

You and only you reserve the right to use your own original ideas and dictate how they are used. Of course you have the right to share your ideas with others of your choosing, but that should be up to you to decide. If someone has used your intellectual property without your permission, or if you are being sued for intellectual property theft, contact Feldman & Feldman for Houston business litigation assistance today.