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Civil Litigation Firm Serving Sugar Land, TX

As a Sugar Land resident or business owner faced with the prospect of prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, you deserve experienced civil litigation counsel representing your interests. The Houston-based law firm of Feldman & Feldman is ready to work tirelessly to protect you and your rights.

Our team of seasoned litigators has earned a reputation for providing excellent legal representation to our clients. Feldman & Feldman’s team of attorneys offers the depth and breadth of experience you deserve. Our lawyers:

  • Regularly represent Sugar Land clients in civil law matters throughout Fort Bend County and Southwest Texas
  • Have experience handling complex lawsuit matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts
  • Handle cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, representing businesses as well as individuals in both jury and non-jury trials
  • Bring passion, dedication, and experience to help our clients in each and every case we take on

Our attorneys serve individuals, corporations, estates, trusts, governmental entities, and other organizations in civil litigation matters throughout metropolitan Houston, including in Sugar Land and eastern Fort Bend County.

Seasoned Sugar Land Litigators, Fierce Advocates

While Feldman & Feldman is a law firm of seasoned litigators who will never back away from a court fight when warranted, we always work toward resolving a matter outside of court when it is in the best interests of our client. Our willingness to see a case through to litigation and appeal sends a signal to the other side that we are not afraid to fight. Our reputation for fierce advocacy achieves favorable resolutions for our clients.

Feldman & Feldman, PC’s Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Business owners know all too well that a legal dispute can wreak havoc on their company’s bottom line. Sometimes legal matters can even cause a wholesale disruption of commercial operations, placing the future of a small business or mid-sized enterprise in jeopardy.

The experienced commercial litigation attorneys at Feldman & Feldman have vast experience representing clients in all sorts of commercial disputes, including those involving business dissolutions, covenants not to compete, and more.

Civil Appeals

Often, a civil litigation case will be appealed. Appellate proceedings can be extremely complex and the fact is that not all trial attorneys are experienced in or proficient at handling cases on appeal and thus outsource your case to another law firm if it winds up being appealed. The law firm of Feldman & Feldman has experienced and dedicated appellate attorneys who regularly handle complex civil matters on appeal.


Feldman & Feldman’s lawyers handle transactional matters, including contract drafting, negotiations, and review. We also handle breach of contract claims for small to medium-sized businesses in Sugar Land and across the greater Houston area.


Construction and Real Estate Law

The laws regarding real estate transactions and construction are incredibly complex. You can protect yourself and your interests by working with the experienced lawyers at Feldman & Feldman. We regularly offer advice and counsel to clients in Sugar Land and surrounding areas in connection with the acquisition, development, and sale of real property. In addition, we help clients involved in all phases of construction manage their operations to avoid disputes. Should issues arise during or after a construction project begins or ends, we are available to protect the interests of construction industry clients, including owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Employment Law

Because employment disputes can be time-consuming and expensive, we offer employers of all sizes training in how to set up best practices to avoid litigation. However, if conflicts regarding employment do arise, we are prepared to help an employee or employer through the process.

Election Campaign and Political Law

Feldman & Feldman’s attorneys routinely advise politically active citizens and organizations regarding compliance with the regulations and laws regarding political activity and regularly advise candidates, public officials, non-profits, and others regarding legal matters election management. Our attorneys also have experience handling election-related litigation.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Attorneys

With the increasing use of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, experienced legal counsel is needed to help individuals understand and navigate the many complex legal issues that follow. Feldman & Feldman attorneys bring an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to these issues to help guide our clients through this rapidly evolving space.

Bad Faith Insurance

The attorneys at Feldman & Feldman have vast experience representing clients who are facing insurers acting in bad faith. We have helped clients fight for their rights when an insurance company denies a legitimate claim on frivolous grounds, makes repetitive and ongoing paperwork requests for the sole purpose of delaying payment, and other bad faith acts. If your insurance claim is being denied or delayed, our lawyers will intercede on your behalf.

Personal Injury


Our litigators represent Sugar Land clients in all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases. For example, if you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, through daycare or nursing home neglect or abuse, or in an oilfield or other workplace, our attorneys can help you recover the damages you are owed for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

Our firm has experience providing legal representation to those in Sugar Land and surrounding communities who are victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston. Our lawyers provide compassionate legal representation to abuse survivors victimized by members of the clergy of all denominations.

Government and Educational Entities

Our Texas government attorneys have represented governmental bodies in meeting relevant legal requirements and in court. Our trial attorneys regularly help school districts, education non-profits and higher education institutions better understand the laws, policies, and issues that impact them, as well as resolve legal disputes.

Civil Attorneys Sugar Land, TX Attorneys 

The civil litigation lawyers at Feldman & Feldman stand ready to advocate for Sugar Land residents and business owners. If you or your company need the assistance of accomplished trial attorneys, please reach out to us online or call our Houston office at 713-986-9471 to arrange a consultation.