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Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving Spring, TX

As a Spring resident or business owner, you deserve to have an experienced civil litigation lawyer representing your interests. Whether you find yourself embroiled in a civil dispute or need advice on how to avoid legal problems in the future, the law firm of Feldman & Feldman is your Southeast Texas resource for legal representation.

A Houston-based civil litigation firm serving Harris County and the entire metropolitan Houston area, Feldman & Feldman’s trial attorneys have decades of experience providing aggressive and personalized legal representation with passion, dedication, and legal acumen.

Our experience includes handling complex legal matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout Texas. We represent both individuals and small, medium, and large companies. In addition, we represent the interests of estates, trusts, educational institutions, and governmental entities. We handle cases for plaintiffs and for those in need of legal defense.

Aggressive and Effective Spring, TX Litigators

Even though Feldman & Feldman is a litigation firm, we know that avoiding a costly and lengthy courtroom battle is the goal whenever feasible. While we always strive to find out-of-court resolutions to adversarial issues, we know that taking cases to court can be in the best interests of our clients. Unlike some lawyers who rarely, if ever, see the inside of a courtroom, we are not afraid to battle a case out in front of a judge and jury if it is necessary to protect the legal rights of a client or to obtain the desired result.

Feldman & Feldman, PC’s Practice Areas

Bad Faith Insurance

The attorneys at Feldman & Feldman regularly represent clients who have become victims of bad faith insurers. An insurance company acts in bad faith when they deny a legitimate claim on frivolous grounds or make repetitive and ongoing paperwork requests for the sole purpose of delaying payment, to name just a few of the issues our clients have encountered. If your insurance claim is being denied or delayed by your insurance company, our lawyers are prepared to take them on.

Commercial Litigation

Our firm’s experienced commercial litigation attorneys regularly represent business clients in all sorts of commercial disputes. The matters we handle include business dissolutions, non-compete agreements, contract disputes, and service and sales contract interpretation and enforcement. Whether you run a small business or a large multinational company, the lawyers at Feldman & Feldman will provide the zealous representation you need to protect your legal rights.


Along with representing Spring-based clients in filing claims for or defending themselves against breach of contract claims, we handle business transactional issues, including negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts.

Construction and Real Estate Law

Whether you are a property owner, a general contractor, a subcontractor, or a supplier, the attorneys in our construction law practice will work hard to protect your interests. Similarly, our real estate lawyers are dedicated to working with clients to resolve legal issues connected to the acquisition, development, and sale of real property.

Civil Appeals

Not all trial attorneys have the professional experience and requisite proficiency to handle appellate cases. Feldman & Feldman has dedicated appellate attorneys who regularly handle cases in all Southeast Texas state and federal courts of appeals.

Employment Law

When conflicts in the workplace arise, we are prepared to help employees and employers find a satisfactory resolution. To help employers avoid situations that might give rise to employment law issues, we offer tailored training in employer-employee legal best practices to avoid problems in the workplace.

Election Campaign and Political Law

Along with handling election-related litigation, Feldman & Feldman’s attorneys provide advice and counsel to politically active citizens and organizations. We help organizations maintain legal compliance in connection with political activities and regularly advise clients — including candidates and public officials — about legal matters such as how to meet candidate qualification requirements, how to comply with voter registration laws, and how to maintain ballot security.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, experienced legal counsel is critical for navigating the many related complex legal issues, including regulations, compliance, taxation, smart contracts, and NFTs, among others. Feldman & Feldman’s attorneys guide our clients through the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Personal Injury

Our litigators represent residents of Spring in lawsuits seeking damages in personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you or a loved one has been injured on the road or on the job, our attorneys can help you recover damages, including the wages you lost, your medical bills, and your pain and suffering, among other types of financial compensation.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

If you or a loved one are a survivor of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston, our lawyers offer compassionate and caring legal representation. The legal team of Feldman & Feldman is passionate about protecting abuse victims and our lawyers have been on the frontlines advocating for greater legal protection for all victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy of all denominations.


Educational and Government Entities

Feldman & Feldman education attorneys regularly represent school districts, education nonprofits, and educational institutions. We also provide advice and counsel to help our education law clients better understand the laws, policies, and issues that impact them. Our trial attorneys have represented counties, municipalities, school districts, and others in lawsuits.

Spring TX Civil Litigation Attorneys

The civil litigation lawyers at Feldman & Feldman stand ready to advocate for the residents and business owners of Spring, Texas. If you or your company need the assistance of accomplished trial attorneys, please contact us below or call our Houston office at 713-986-9471 to arrange for a consultation.