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Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving Pearland, TX

If you are searching for help with a civil law matter either for yourself or your Pearland-based business, the civil litigation firm of Feldman & Feldman can provide the assistance you need.

Our firm’s experienced trial attorneys can handle all aspects of a dispute, regardless of whether our client is a plaintiff or a defendant. Whether you have been named a defendant in a lawsuit or are seeking to hold a wrongdoer accountable for their actions, Feldman & Feldman is ready to protect you and your interests. Our Houston-based lawyers represent clients throughout Southeast Texas, including clients who live and work in Brazoria, Harris, and Fort Bend Counties. We practice in all state and federal trial and appellate courts in the region, and have earned a reputation for tenacious and effective advocacy.

Civil Litigation Intelligently Practiced

The lawyers at Feldman & Feldman have earned a reputation for being fierce advocates for our clients. We leverage our strong negotiating skills to resolve matters out of court; however, if alternative dispute resolution methods — like settlement negotiations, meditation, or arbitration — do not produce favorable results, you will need a strong trial team on your side that isn’t afraid to take your case to court. In fact, hiring a team of trial lawyers to represent you in a matter can often persuade the opposition to settle upon favorable terms, since they know your legal team is ready, willing, and able to bring your matter before a judge and jury.

Our Houston-based attorneys serve clients throughout Southeast Texas, including Pearland individual and business clients in civil litigation legal matters in federal or state courts. To learn more, please reach out to us today at 713-986-9471 to set up an initial consultation.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Feldman & Feldman’s commercial litigation attorneys regularly represent clients in all types of commercial disputes. We assist business clients with issues related to business dissolutions, enforcement of non-compete agreements, and resolving issues around purchase and sales contracts, business torts, and shareholder disputes. Additionally, we help clients both bring claims for and defend themselves against breach of fiduciary duty claims.

Contracts Practice

Feldman & Feldman attorneys routinely draft and review contracts to ensure our clients are governed by favorable terms. In addition to offering advice regarding their rights and responsibilities under pending or existing agreements, we regularly negotiate complex contracts on behalf of clients in and around the Pearland area.

Insurance Disputes

The attorneys at Feldman & Feldman are experienced in battling insurance companies that engage in bad faith actions that harm our clients. Our litigation team will relentlessly go after insurance companies that refuse to pay for work done by approved contractors or delay payments so that statutory deadlines are missed.

Civil Appeals

A significant factor that distinguishes Feldman & Feldman from ordinary civil litigation firms is that we maintain a robust and highly regarded appellate practice. Our skilled litigators, who are well-versed in both civil trials and appellate proceedings, can handle all manner of appeals, when necessary, for individuals, businesses, and government entities in both state and federal appellate courts.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

With deep knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the lawyers engaged in the firm’s related distributed computing networks practice offer guidance to clients who are investing in digital assets or are involved in launching new distributive networks.

Construction Law and Real Estate

Pearland clients seek out the attorneys in our construction and real estate law practice when they need help with legal disputes connected to the acquisition, development, and sale of real property. We also help property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and others involved with construction projects – whether residential or commercial – address and resolve legal conflicts.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

Since the details regarding sexual abuse by clergy of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston began to emerge, our firm has stood firmly by the survivors, acting as advocates for greater legal protection for all victims of sexual abuse by religious leaders across all faiths. The lawyers and staff of Feldman & Feldman who work with abuse survivors approach each case with compassion and understanding, creating a safe place for our clients to come forward as they seek justice and to recover financial damages for the harm done to them.

Educational and Government Entities

Our lawyers for educational entities have significant experience working with Texas school districts, institutions of higher education, and education-oriented non-profits in their legal matters. In addition, we help our clients gain an understanding of the education-oriented policies, issues, regulations, and laws that impact their day-to-day operations.

The attorneys of Feldman & Feldman have a long history of representing school districts and other government entities. We work diligently to address legal issues and maintain regulatory compliance. In addition, we have defended lawsuits on behalf of government clients.

Personal Injury

As personal injury lawyers who regularly represent clients from Pearland and surrounding areas, we handle all types of negligence cases resulting in physical harm, from car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to premises liability cases. We handle nursing home negligence matters as well as workplace injury cases. We strive to recover the maximum compensation possible so survivors of serious accidents and those facing life after the loss of a loved one can receive the best care possible and, to the greatest extent feasible, go on to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Political Law and Election Campaigns

Our attorneys have experience handling election-related litigation as well as other election campaign and political law matters. Political candidates, public officials, non-profits, and others regularly consult with Feldman & Feldman’s lawyers about legal matters involving local, regional, and statewide elections.

Pearland Civil Litigation Attorneys

The civil litigation lawyers at Feldman & Feldman stand ready to advocate for you and/or your Pearland business interests in Southeast Texas and beyond. Reach out to us online or call our Houston office at 713-986-9471 to arrange a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys.