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Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving Pasadena, TX

The civil litigation law firm of Feldman & Feldman, PC represents Pasadena-based individuals, businesses, government entities, and educational institutions in civil law matters in Harris County civil district courts, as well as state and federal courts throughout Southeast Texas.

Whether you are initiating a legal action for compensation or another remedy, defending yourself or your business against a civil lawsuit, or seeking advice and counsel about a business or individual legal matter, our team of seasoned civil litigators will work hard to advise you about the best possible course of action, protect your rights, and to present the best possible case on your behalf.

Fierce Negotiators Who Are Courtroom-Ready

Going to court is a costly and time-consuming proposition. While at times it can make sense for the parties to settle their differences out of court, there are times where there is no option other than taking a case to trial.

When you hire Feldman & Feldman to take on your case, you can rest assured that you have a team of strong and aggressive litigators working to achieve a favorable outcome on your behalf. While we work hard in negotiations, we approach each case with an eye toward preparing it for litigation, as that is often in a client’s best interests and the only way to get the desired result. Our reputation for being courtroom-ready works in our clients’ favor even in the most contentious disputes.

Our Houston-based attorneys regularly serve clients in Pasadena and throughout Southeast Texas, including Harris County-based clients in need of litigation representation for matters in civil court. To learn more, please reach out to us today at 713-986-9471 to set up an initial consultation.

Feldman & Feldman’s Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation. Our business litigation attorneys regularly represent clients in all types of commercial disputes. Our lawyers are experienced in matters related to real estate, business insurance claims, breach of contract, business dissolution, business fraud allegations, and more.
  • Partnership Disputes. As your Pasadena business partnership disputes attorneys, Feldman & Feldman will represent your interests in claims of breach of contract, business asset misuse, failure to delineate authority, fraud, non-compete violations, and breaches of fiduciary duty. We work with a mindful eye toward protecting the partnership’s reputation and amicably resolving matters whenever feasible. When the dissolution of a partnership is the best option, we will make sure your interests are protected.
  • Real Estate and Construction Law. Our experienced real estate lawyers have handled real estate and construction law cases throughout Pasadena and Southwest Texas. We represent clients involved in all phases of residential and commercial real estate development. We also represent all types of construction industry clients — including property owners, suppliers, general contractors, and subcontractors — in drafting strong contracts and in resolving disputes.
  • Contract Drafting and Review. Feldman & Feldman attorneys work with Pasadena-based clients on transactional matters, including negotiating, writing, and reviewing contracts to support our clients’ interests.
  • Bad Faith Insurance. If you are dealing with an insurance company that is operating in bad faith, the attorneys at Feldman & Feldman can help. Our firm regularly represents clients who are facing bad faith insurance issues such as carriers that unnecessarily delay payments, insurance companies that refuse to pay previously-approved contractors, arbitrary and unlawful claim denials, and unnecessary and redundant requests for documentation. We will work hard to hold the insurance company accountable for what you are entitled to under the terms of your policy and additional damages where legally available.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Our lawyers support and defend your interests when an individual or organization either willfully or negligently fails to fulfill its fiduciary duties to you or your company.
  • Personal Injury. Feldman & Feldman’s personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injured clients and surviving family members receive the compensation they deserve. We represent clients who have been injured due to the negligence of another party. We also represent clients who are bringing a wrongful death action after the loss of a loved one.
  • Civil Appeals and Original Appellate Proceedings. Along with our trial practice, Feldman & Feldman has earned a reputation for aggressively pursuing our clients’ interests in appellate proceedings. Our experienced Houston-based appeals lawyers represent clients in a variety of civil matters before both state and federal appellate courts.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We advise clients involved in direct or indirect investments in digital assets, as well as those seeking insights into creating new distributive networks.
  • Educational Entities. Our lawyers for educational entities have experience representing education non-profits, school districts, and other educational organizations. Along with helping to resolve disputes and representing clients in lawsuits when necessary, our attorneys advise clients on relevant laws, regulations, policies, and other issues.
  • Governmental Entities. Our attorneys have experience representing government bodies — including municipalities, counties, and government nonprofits — with all their legal needs, including helping them remain in compliance with relevant local, state, and federal regulations and laws and representing them in court and other administrative proceedings.
  • Election Campaign and Political Law. Feldman & Feldman represents clients in election-related litigation, as well as in all matters connected to the conduct of elections and the officials involved.
  • Clergy Sexual Abuse. We work diligently to protect the rights of clients who have experienced clergy sexual abuse by Catholic clergy affiliated with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, among others. Our compassionate legal staff continually advocate for the adoption of laws to protect all who have been abused by once-trusted spiritual leaders of any religious community or other institution.

Pasadena Civil Litigation Lawyers

If you or your business are in need of legal support from an experienced team of civil litigators, we invite you to contact Feldman & Feldman today for an initial consultation. You can set up an appointment at our Houston-based offices by calling 713-986-9471 or through our website. Our offices are conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Pasadena.