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Civil Suit Lawyers Serving Katy, TX

If you reside in or maintain a business in the Katy area and are seeking representation in a civil matter, Feldman & Feldman, PC is a Houston-based litigation law firm you can trust. Our experienced lawyers regularly represent clients in state and federal courts throughout the western side of the Greater Houston metropolitan area, including in Fort Bend, Harris, and Waller Counties.

Our lawyers have experience working on all sides of legal conflicts for Katy clients. We can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf or defend your rights if you have been sued. While our goal is to dispose of a matter in your favor as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, we regularly take matters to trial, and, if necessary, all the way through the appellate process. Our one goal is to act in your best interests to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking.

Strong Representation Begins with Strong Negotiations

While Feldman & Feldman attorneys are known to be fierce litigators, we also understand the toll that pursuing a case in court can take on our clients in terms of time, money, and emotional strain. For that reason, we strive in each case to resolve the outstanding issues before going to trial through alternative dispute resolution avenues like negotiated settlements and mediation.

However, if going to trial is the best way to see that justice is done, we will use our vast experience trying cases in front of judges and juries to zealously represent our clients’ interests in a court of law. Our willingness to try cases is well known in the Southeast Texas legal community and can incentivize the opposition to settle a case pretrial, rather than risk litigating the issues in open court against experienced trial counsel.

Our Houston-based attorneys serve clients throughout the Houston metro area, including clients based in Katy with civil litigation matters in Southeast Texas and beyond. To learn more, please reach out to us today at 713-986-9471 to set up an initial consultation.

Practice Areas

  • Bad Faith Insurers. Sometimes insurance companies use bad faith tactics — like refusing to pay for the work of contractors they previously approved, delaying payments past statutory deadlines, requiring the insured to resubmit paperwork multiple times, and denying claims for frivolous reasons. The attorneys at Feldman & Feldman have built a strong reputation for fighting insurance carriers and will ensure your claim is handled properly, including seeking punitive sanctions when insurers act in bad faith.
  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty. When an individual fails to meet their fiduciary duty to you or your business, their breach can cause harm. We regularly represent clients in pursuing or defending against breach of fiduciary duty claims.
  • Civil Appeals Appellate Proceedings. Not all trial lawyers have trained lawyers on staff to represent their clients through the appellate process. Our experienced appeals lawyers handle complex civil appeals before state and federal appellate bodies throughout Texas.
  • Sexual Abuse by Clergy. Our experienced clergy sexual abuse lawyers know how to advocate for the best possible outcomes for our clients with compassion and sensitivity. Our firm has worked hard to advocate for all clergy abuse victims, pressing for the adoption of laws to protect everyone who has experienced abuse at the hands of religious leaders of all faiths.
  • Commercial Law and Litigation. Feldman & Feldman’s business litigation attorneys have vast experience representing clients in all manner of commercial disputes. Our lawyers regularly represent clients with legal issues surrounding the acquisition of goods and services, insurance claims, breach of contract, business divorces, noncompete issues, employment law matters, partnership disputes, business fraud, and more.
  • Contract Matters. With meticulous attention to detail, Feldman & Feldman attorneys regularly represent clients in the Katy area with their contract needs. We are available to negotiate and draft contracts on behalf of our clients, as well as review and offer advice about contracts our clients are presented with.
  • Educational Law Matters. Feldman & Feldman’s educational law practitioners have decades of combined experience helping school districts, educational institutions, and related non-profits resolve legal matters. We also counsel clients on a variety of education-related matters, including advising them on the impact of current and potential laws, policies, and issues regarding their operations.
  • Fraud Cases. Whether you must defend yourself or your business against an accusation of fraudulent behavior or you are seeking to bring a business fraud case against another, Feldman & Feldman lawyers are available to be your aggressive advocates.
  • Governmental Entities. As attorneys with wide-ranging experience in government matters, we assist clients with identifying and correcting legal issues and, when necessary, act as counsel in lawsuits. Our clients include municipalities, counties, school districts, among others.
  • Partnership Disputes. Our partnership dispute attorneys strive to help our clients resolve business partner disputes amicably. However, when parties cannot reach an agreement through negotiations or ADR, we represent clients in business litigation.
  • Personal Injury Damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or motorcycle accident, a trucking or other commercial vehicle accident, a maritime accident, through medical malpractice, by slipping or falling on another’s property, or while on the job, Feldman & Feldman personal injury litigators can help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Political and Election Campaign Matters. Feldman & Feldman advises and counsels corporations, non-profit organizations, candidates, and public officials in connection with issues surrounding the conduct of elections, including ballot security, election recounts, voter registration matters, candidate qualifications, and the nominating process, among other issues. If any of these issues give rise to a lawsuit, Feldman & Feldman has extensive experience handling election-related litigation.
  • Real Estate and Construction Law. Our real estate law team has handled cases throughout Katy involving all types of real estate and construction activities. We regularly offer legal advice to all of the various parties involved in a particular real estate transaction, including buyers, sellers, and lenders. We represent construction clients throughout the duration of their projects, helping them draft and solidify strong contracts and successfully handle any disputes that arise.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Our cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyers represent a variety of clients involved in this emerging legal area. We provide knowledgeable guidance and effective legal counsel to clients who invest funds in these types of digital assets – such as NFTs – or create new coins/tokens in association with the launch of a new distributive network.

Katy Civil Litigation Attorneys

The civil litigation attorneys at Feldman & Feldman stand ready to represent you and/or your business interests throughout Katy, the whole of Southeast Texas, and beyond. Reach out to us online or call our Houston office at 713-986-9471 to arrange a consultation.