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If you or your Baytown-based business require legal counsel in connection with a civil law matter, the Houston area law firm of Feldman & Feldman will work tirelessly to represent your interests and protect your rights.

Regardless of the type of dispute — whether you are in need of zealous business defense or plaintiff’s counsel to help you bring legal action against a person or company that has caused you harm — the trial attorneys at Feldman & Feldman bring decades of civil litigation experience and reputation for excellent advocacy to your case. The firm’s attorneys represent clients throughout the metropolitan Houston area, including in Baytown. Our lawyers are familiar with the legal landscape of both Harris County and Chambers County and regularly represent clients from these areas in both state and federal courts.


Seasoned Litigators, Fierce Advocates, Strong Negotiators

Nobody wants to fight a prolonged legal battle. At Feldman & Feldman, we understand that going to court is costly in time and money. Litigation is never the first choice of anyone facing a dispute. That being said, however, sometimes a client must see a case through to court in order to achieve the desired outcome.

While the lawyers at Feldman Law will always work toward settling a case when that strategy is in the best interest of a client, we are a law firm of seasoned litigators who will never back away from pursuing a matter in court when warranted. This willingness to see a case through to litigation, and, if necessary, though appeal, sends a signal to the other side that we are not afraid to fight for a just cause. Our reputation for fierce advocacy is useful in providing an incentive to opposing counsel to seek resolution on terms our clients find favorable.

Our Houston-based attorneys serve clients throughout Southeast Texas and the Galveston Bay region, including Baytown clients in need of representation in a variety of civil litigation matters. To learn more, please reach out to us today at 713-986-9471 to set up an initial consultation.


Baytown Lawyers Practice Areas

Insurance Disputes

Often, insurance companies use bad faith tactics when assessing policyholder claims. This could include anything from denying claims based on reasons that are frivolous to refusing to pay for work done by previously approved contractors or delaying payments so that statutory deadlines are missed. The attorneys at Feldman & Feldman have vast experience representing clients facing bad faith insurance activities by major insurance carriers.

Business Litigation

Feldman & Feldman’s commercial litigation attorneys have vast experience representing clients in all sorts of commercial disputes, including those involving business dissolutions, covenants not to compete, issues related to acquiring services and goods, business torts, and shareholder disputes, to name just a few.

Our firm regularly represents clients on both sides of breach of fiduciary duty claims and we maintain a robust partnership disputes practice. While we always strive to help our clients achieve amicable resolutions of partnership problems through negotiation, we are also experienced in seeing them through alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as arbitration and mediation. If litigation becomes necessary, our experienced litigators are ready to take a partnership dispute case to court.

Contracts Practice

Feldman & Feldman attorneys regularly review, adjust, and negotiate complex contracts on behalf of clients in and around the Baytown area. We are experienced at drafting and reviewing agreements to help our clients gain favorable terms and avoid potential pitfalls. We also counsel clients regarding their rights and responsibilities under pending or existing agreements.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Attorneys practicing in the firm’s cryptocurrency and blockchain practice have developed a deep understanding of the systems and constantly-evolving technology connected to blockchain and distributed computing networks. Leveraging this knowledge, our lawyers are able to provide guidance and effective legal counsel to clients who are investing in digital assets or involved in launching new distributive networks.

Construction Law and Real Estate

Our construction and real estate law practice helps clients in Baytown and surrounding areas with the acquisition, development, and sale of real property. We regularly work with lenders, sellers, and buyers. In addition, we help clients involved in all phases of construction manage disputes that arise before, during, or after a construction project begins or ends.

Civil Appeals

Unlike many other civil litigation firms, Feldman & Feldman maintains a robust and active internal appellate practice. Our skilled civil appeals lawyers are well-versed in both trials and appellate proceedings. Our senior attorneys have a vast knowledge of the handling of appeals for individuals, businesses, and government entities and represent clients in both state and federal appeals.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

Our firm has experience providing legal representation to those in Baytown and surrounding communities who have experienced sexual abuse by clergy of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston and other religious institutions. Our clergy sexual abuse lawyers and staff handle each case with compassion and understanding, as we work tirelessly to advocate for greater legal protections for all victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy of all denominations.

Educational and Government Entities

Feldman & Feldman’s Texas education lawyers have spent decades helping school districts, higher education institutions, and education non-profits both resolve legal disputes and better understand the laws, policies, and issues that impact them.

Our attorneys also have a long history of representing government entities — including municipalities, counties, school districts, managed utility districts, management districts and special districts, local government corporations, reinvestment zones, and government nonprofits, among others — to ensure their compliance with relevant legal requirements and in defending them against lawsuits.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury lawyers have handled all types of personal injury cases, from motor vehicle accidents to daycare and nursing home injuries to instances of medical malpractice. As trial attorneys that represent clients in Baytown and the entire Galveston Bay area, we handle workplace injury cases as well as premises liability claims. Our goal in every matter is to achieve the most compensation possible for survivors of serious accidents and/or significant recoveries for those surviving the wrongful death of a loved one.

Political Law and Election Campaigns

As experienced counsel in election campaign and political law matters, Feldman & Feldman attorneys regularly advise candidates, public officials, non-profits, and others regarding legal matters involving ballot security, election management, voter registration, and candidate qualifications. Our attorneys also have experience successfully handling election-related litigation.

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