Cris Feldman of Feldman & Feldman sues on behalf of woman victimized by law enforcement

While working at her job in a towing a storage yard, Joyce Smith comes across angry customers who demand their vehicles back. Yet, this demand was different as it came from a Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable Timothy Allison, and he believed his vehicle had been unlawfully towed. After being assaulted and falsely imprisoned for not releasing his vehicle, Ms. Smith with the help of Feldman & Feldman filed suit against Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable.

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Feldman & Feldman sue Constable for towing confrontation

On Halloween in 2012, a Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable entered a Harris County storage yard and assaulted and falsely imprisoned Joyce Smith for holding his privately owned truck. Only problem was that the truck was legally impounded and the Constable was abusing his status as a law enforcement official. Feldman & Feldman have filed suit on behalf of Ms. Smith to hold him accountable.

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Feldman & Feldman sues two churches, claims child was not protected from sex predator

“We have two churches that allowed sexual abuse to occur, sexual exploitation to occur with a minor,” Cris Feldman, attorney for Plaintiffs, stated. “The churches (Second Baptist Church and Community of Faith Church) failed in this case… they failed with this family. They failed with other families and it’s time to hold them responsible.”