Rick Casey: Who’s really behind DeLay’s fall?

Tom DeLay and his supporters have blamed his troubles on former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Early, who won DeLay’s indictment but retired during the five years it took to bring the former U.S. House majority leader to trial.

But Early shouldn’t get all the blame, even though he is a Democrat.

A good heaping should go to Houston City Attorney David Feldman.

Why the city attorney?

He got together with his wife, Peggy, and made little Cris Feldman, who grew up to be the crusading young, clean-government lawyer who discovered the illegally hidden records detailing how $190,000 went up to Washington as corporate money and came back to DeLay’s favored candidates for the Texas House of Representatives. During the trip it was cleansed of corporate taint that made it illegal as a campaign contribution.

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